Change-of-Address Service

Identify Change-of-Address Records to Keep Your Marketing Contact Data Up to Date

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Reduce undeliverable mail, waste, and mailing costs, ensure your campaigns reach the intended recipients, and keep up with clients that have moved when you use Melissa Data’s U.S. and International(Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and United Kingdom) Change-of-Address services.

US Move Updates
Over 43 million Americans move annually. As a NCOALink® Full Service Provider licensee of the USPS® – we can match your mailing list against the USPS National Change of Address database that contains 48 months of move update information.

This service will help you identify and update the most change-of-address records in your mailing list, and, the NCOALink process meets Move-Update requirements enabling mailers to qualify for USPS postage discounts.